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DSR uptake undermined by disruption concerns, survey finds

New research by The Energyst has suggested that businesses are eager to seize on the opportunities offered by demand-side response (DSR) but concerned about the disruption to their operations. Issued on Thursday 8 September, polling by the company showed that nearly nine in 10 (87%) non-DSR providers would be interested in earning revenue

Businesses overpaying for energy, says price comparison site

Small and medium sized businesses have overspent on energy supplies to the tune of £7bn in the last year, according to research by The research, published on Wednesday 7 September explained that organisations that did not "shop around" were overpaying, on average, by £532/ year.

Biomass conversion more cost-effective than Hinkley: REA

The Renewable Energy Association (REA) has said that the conversion of old coal power stations to biomass would be a more cost-effective approach to decarbonisation than the Hinkley Point C nuclear project. In a statement on Thursday 15 September, the organisation said that these conversions would require a lower contract for difference strike price, and would need only 15 years of support compared to the 35 years given to Hinkley

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